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No matter what brings you in, your session includes a hot towel and aromatherapy. Schedule with confidence, knowing you'll always get the full time you reserved for the work you need. "When you schedule with me, an hour is an hour, ninety minutes is ninety. No shortcuts." 

Competent, Ethical Care

With over 11 years of experience and training, Stephen's unique approach integrates a broad variety of techniques into a custom session you're sure to love. 

"Whatever your goals - running a marathon, relieving the ache and fatigue of pregnancy, restructuring your posture, or just needing to unwind - I'm here to help." 

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What to Expect

If you've never had a massage, or want to know more about what your first session will be like, click here. 

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me using the form below, or give me a call. Thanks, I look forward to meeting you!

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Techniques and Training

Relax with Swedish

The health benefits are numerous - Aromatherapy, a hot towel, and Stephen's unique, Ayurvedically influenced Swedish massage session reduces stress, increases circulation for the blood and lymph systems, eliminates toxins, and leaves you feeling balanced and renewed!


Structural, Deep Tissue and Sports Therapies

Stephen's unique, integrated approach reshapes your soft tissue to  relieve the source of your pain and muscle tension, which means relief that lasts!



Pain Management

From a crick in your neck to chronic pain, massage can help - send a message below or call today to find out how I can meet your pain management needs. 

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