Draping and ethics

Clearly Defining Boundaries

DRAPING (Covering)

During your massage, the area of your body to be worked will be uncovered, and massaged with direct contact.

After an area is worked, it will be recovered, unless you request otherwise, but private areas of the body must remain covered, by Alabama State law AND Wade Massage Company Policy. 

What about abdominal work? For female clients, the chest is covered with a pillowcase or towel, allowing the sheet to be drawn down to the waistline. 

I've been asked many times over the years by first-time clients: "should I leave my underwear on?" The short answer: it's up to you.  Either way, you'll be securely tucked and covered by the linens.  Then what's the difference? Some underwear inhibits direct skin contact to the hips and glutes, so if you like to have the hips worked directly with oil, it's best to leave them off.    

Concerning the hips: glutes will only be exposed one side at a time, either from the top of the leg drape, with the other side tucked to the inside of the leg, or, at the base of the back drape, so that  the cleft,  (the divide between the legs) will not be exposed during a session.   If having a portion of your hip exposed or massaged makes you uncomfortable, please let me know. 


No private area of the body will be touched OR massaged. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct, adhering to the ethical codes of the State of Alabama, The National Massage Therapy Board, and the AMTA.

Likewise, if you are EVER uncomfortable during your session, IN ANY WAY, ALWAYS say something - whether here or elsewhere - if it's the temperature, pressure, draping or  location of touch - whatever it is, it's your right as a client to speak up. Remember, it's YOUR session. 


What if I'm aroused during a massage? It happens from time to time. What do you do if it does? One of two totally appropriate choices: Ignore it until the session is over, or simply state that you need to end the session. If you want or need to end a session because of any unforeseeable physical or personal reason, you won't be charged for the unused time, and, of course, will in no way be judged or condemned. However, understand that  this is not the goal of our work and if it becomes evident that a client is pushing the boundaries of this issue, services will be permanently terminated at our sole discretion.